Upcoming Concerts:

20.05.2018 Rockbuster Bandcontest

11.08.2018 SL Acoustis Session

acoustic concerts:

20.08.2017 Salon Irkutsk,

SL Live

05.05.2018 @ Campus of Rock, Mainz

The AstA at the "Hochschule Mainz" invited us to the Campus of Rock Festival, where we hit the stage together with Demoversion, Shattered Lions, ANDY´S SISTER und Gleißer and had an awesome night with them.


26.01.2018 @ Jam, Idar-Oberstein

Our first concert in 2018 was an unforgettable evening with Raep and AnaÏs.


16.12.2017 @ Shorty, bearsbeach:D

What an awesome last show for 2017 that was. Together with She Sells Sea Shells, King Nugget Gang, RAEP, We scrape the Sky and Heart//Down we`ve had an awesome show.


18.11.2017 @ "Stadtmitte" Karlsruhe, halffinale (SPH-bandcontest)

Unfortunetally we couldn`t win the halffinal of the SPH-bandcontest but we still had a great night with much great music.


04.11.2017 @ Uff die Kass Vol.6, Saarlouis

Raep invited us to a great show in Saarlouis. There, we had so much fun with Membran and Frenemy Society.


23.09.2017 @ Garage, Saarbrücken, Regionalfinale (SPH-Bandcontest)

At the regional final of the SPH-bandcontest we played with A Throne for Elyas, Shooting Butterflies, Blingpoint, Downhill from here and Larry Otter and have been suprised with the first place.


26.08.2017 @ Outback-Festival, Podersdorf am See (Austria)

The Outback-festival was the finish point of our acoustic-tour. Even if the weather has got us sweatting sometimes, it still was an unforgettable festival full of nice people and great food!


08.07.2017 @ Tollrock-Festival, Nideggen (Aachen)

At the 8th of July we went ahead to the Tollrock-Festival in Nideggen, nearby Aachen. The great ___ and the great weather made this festival even better.

26.06.2017 @ Spießbratenfest, Idar-Oberstein

Together with Ofield, Guardian of Property and Antiheld we`ve played at the "Spießbratenfest" in Idar-Oberstein and had lots of fun.

16.06.2017 @ Holtebüttel Rockt - Festival, Holtebüttel

After a 500km trip we finally arrived in Holtebüttel nearby Bremen. We opened the Festival together with A Shade Higher and Frantic Age.

20.05.2017 @ Circus Maximus, Koblenz cityfinal (SPH-Bandcontest)

As the second concert for this day, we played at the cityfinal of the SPH-bandcontest in Koblenz and hit the stage supported by many of our friends and fans.

20.05.2017 @ Umwelt-Campus, Birkenfeld - Green Hill

The first gig for this day was the Greenhill festival in Birkenfeld. A large stage, great sound and an awesome audience made it to a great show.

05.04.2017 @ Umwelt-Campus, Birkenfeld - Green Hill-Bandcontest

We´ve played at a bandcontest from our local campus, the "Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld", and were suprised with the first place and a slot for the greenhill festival.

25.03.2017 @ Exhaus, Trier - first round (Sph-Bandcontest)

The SPH-Bandcontest just started with a great success. We´ve made the first place out of other bands. The next show will be at the 20th of may in Koblenz.

28.01.2017 @ Jake & Son, Bad-Kreuznach

In Bad-Kreuznach we were able to play with Pimp Blitzkid (Germany’s #1 Limp Bizkid Tribute Band).

16.09.2016 @ Mühlenrock, Simmertal

Our first official show was in Simmertal. We played together with the classic rock cover band "Old-School".